No Recall = No More Family Healthcare. It’s That Simple.

 Why is the SDEA Board recall so important? Because if it fails, so does our fully paid family health care.

  • Support for Prop. 30 is dropping weekly, and has now dropped below 50%. We must keep campaigning, but we must also have an honest conversation as union members about who we want leading us if it fails. We know SDUSD will again blame their financial situation on our union contract. Do you think they will cut a month off the school year without making more demands of SDEA? More likely, SDUSD will again turn to us “greedy” teachers, play the do-it-for-the-kids trump card, and ask us to take another cut. And the only thing left to cut will be our healthcare because we gave up everything else with our new contract.
  • Even the passage Prop 30 does not guarantee that the District won’t lay hundreds of us off to seek concessions again this spring, because they will still be using the same “worst case scenario” budgeting technique. Remember, our bargaining team didn’t get a “no layoff” clause in exchange for our salary concessions last spring.
  • There is a critical piece of information that Bill Freeman and his Board have intentionally kept from us about the future of our healthcare: VEBA (the organization that provides our healthcare) recently announced a change that will allow the District to divide healthcare costs by single, couple, or family coverage starting January 2014. In past years, the District made a “composite” payment to VEBA based on a formula that did not distinguish by coverage type. Once this change goes into effect, the District will have the ability to pay for single coverage only. This change will go into effect just as we need to sit down with the District to bargain our next contract.
  • The Breakfast Club has been 100% correct about Bill Freeman, his Board, and our contract. We knew last spring that Freeman had no intention of fighting layoffs, but rather fully intended to open our contract and concede EVERYTHING that the District had demanded of SDEA. AND WE WERE RIGHT. If Freeman and his allies on the SDEA Board are still in office when we face layoffs this spring and contract bargaining next year, it is reasonable to assume we will have more of the same (or less of the same, if we are talking about our pay and benefits). Let us learn from our history so that we are not doomed to repeat it.

DISTRIBUTE AND SIGN THE RECALL PETITION. Let’s fight for what is rightfully ours!

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