Guest Blog: With SDEA friends like this, who needs enemies?

After a poorly attended and biased SDEA presentation by SDEA Board member Iris Anderson about Propositions 30 and 32, the teachers at my site, Bethune, decided to have our own unbiased informational meeting about the current issues facing teachers. I was asked to give the presentation. I spoke about the two school funding propositions (30 and 38), giving an analysis of the results of the most recent polls regarding voter approval. I presented information regarding the misconceptions about the SDEA TA/New Contract. I explained the unfair labor practices of San Diego City Schools towards our union, and I informed the teachers how they could get involved (phone banking, working to the contract, filing a grievance, and signing the recall petitions).

Since I had decided to include information in my presentation about the recall, we teachers were subjected to actions that I have not seen in our district since the days of the Bersin administration: My communications about the upcoming meeting were forwarded by a former site AR to the District legal office and Attorney Larry Schoenke. My emails were also sent to SDEA President Bill Freeman and SDEA UniServ Field Organizer Morgan Thornberry. Our principal was contacted, and individual visits were made by our former AR to teachers in an attempt to portray the informational meeting as “pushing the agenda of the Breakfast Club.” Several days before our meeting, SDEA even went to the extreme of sending Executive Director Tim Hill and Iris Anderson out to meet with our teachers during their lunch hour.

Talk about intimidation and bully tactics!! With SDEA friends like this, who needs enemies? All of this because our staff wanted unbiased information???

Despite these intimidation tactics directed towards me and the teachers at our site, we held our informational meeting. Unlike the SDEA staff presentation, or any presentation made by our former AR, our informational meeting was well attended and well received. My colleagues appreciated the information presented and they are better prepared to make an informed decision.

Ya basta, tama na, enough already!!

— by Frank Lucero, Bethune K-8 

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