John Lee Evans Denies That SDEA Has Endorsed Him

So Here’s Some Old News…

We have written about how, at the recommendation of the SDEA Board, the SDEA Rep. Council voted in August to formally endorse School Board President John Lee Evans for reelection—the same John Lee Evans who has voted for 3,000 accumulated educator layoffs during his tenure in office. We wrote about how at Rep. Council, SDEA President Bill Freeman openly bragged that he had been called up by Evans the day before and how they chatted about Evans voting to get rid of Brenda Campbell, implicitly in exchange for SDEA’s endorsement. The SDEA Political Action Committee (PAC), which is comprised exclusively of SDEA Board members, subsequently voted to donate $15,000 to Evans’ campaign.

But Here’s Some New News…

Funny thing about that… John Lee Evans just told the San Diego Union Tribune  that he did not seek nor has he received an official endorsement from SDEA in the coming election. Does he not know this because we haven’t told him yet?  Is it because the check hasn’t cleared? Did the U-T just get it wrong?

Here is the context for Evans’ denial: Campbell is suing the District for wrongful termination, citing as part of her suit that John Lee Evans traded his termination vote to Bill Freeman in exchange for SDEA’s endorsement. Let’s be clear: While we have heard many good arguments from educators about why the SDUSD Board’s actions were justified, that’s not the point. We believe that when our democratically elected leaders like Bill Freeman and John Lee Evans base their votes on mutual back-scratching and then deny it later, that it is not okay.

If Evans wants proof of his own endorsement, all he has to do is look at the September issue of the SDEA Advocate. His endorsement is on the front page. Interestingly, the District’s attorney directed principals to pull this issue of the Advocate out of our school mailboxes because it had unapproved political material, which they’ve never done before.

So, for John Lee Evans (and for those of you who had your copies pulled), here is a link to the September Advocate: CLICK HERE.

One thought on “John Lee Evans Denies That SDEA Has Endorsed Him

  1. Well we were actually able to get our Advocate because a substitute was given the SDEA package and told to distribute it. I then spent time after the staff meeting pointing out the discrepancies between Freeman’s welcome back and thanks for voting on the TA and the story opposite on how we “ratified a new contract”. Needless to say, everyone was pretty upset about it. If Evans can go to the media so can we, don’t you think?

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