Breakfast Clubbers Phone Bank on Props. 30,32 — Join Us!

We are a month into the new school year and I know we are all super busy, but as educators we are master multi-taskers! We have a lot on our plate but we must save space for the November election. It is so important that we get out the vote to pass Prop. 30 and defeat Prop. 32.

We all need to help with phone banking for these two vital propositions. Spend an hour or a few hours down at the SDEA office and bring a fellow educator. I have been down there several times now, and it gets easier each time. And, when I bring a friend, time flies!

Last week, a contingent of teachers from Garfield High School adopted a phone bank night (as have teachers from sites union-wide). SDEA has made it very easy to participate. A phone script is provided and the computer does all the dialing. All you have to do is go down to SDEA and speak with labor friendly people on the other side of the phone! I know that the teachers from Garfield had a lot fun speaking with other SDEA members on the other side of phone last week to remind them of the importance of these two propositions.

Don’t like talking on the phone? No problem, the Central Labor Council does a walk every Saturday until the election. It is held from 9 a.m. to noon at the CLC office.  After you are are done walking, food is provided! Again, this is something that is more fun when done with someone you know, so bring a fellow educator or your whole school to participate. This is something the Labor Council has made easy by mapping out homes that are labor friendly, so all you have to do is remind people to vote for Prop. 30 and against Prop. 32.  Members of the Breakfast Club will be out walking with Garfield High School teachers on Saturday, Oct. 13, we would love to see you there walking with us. And according to the SDEA website, Oct. 13 has been designated a city-wide Super Voter Walk, so this one will be a lot of fun!

You can also plan a neighborhood walk around your school. You know the students and their families — knock the doors of the neighborhood and help people understand why these propositions are so important. Your site AR or SDEA UFO can help you facilitate this, with fliers and other materials you may need.

Breakfast Clubbers, we need to get involved — particularly if we want to avoid an 8% pay cut in the form of 14 more furlough days if Prop. 30 fails! And, we must work very hard to defeat Prop 32. I know we all don’t agree with our union all the time, but at the end of the day we must give our union the ability to fight and advocate for our students and our profession in Sacramento. That is why Prop. 32 must be defeated. And if you or your site are participating in actions, let us know. We would love to join you and/or share your dedication to our profession!

— by Michelle Sanchez, SDEA Secretary

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