Posted in October 2012

It’s Crunch Time! Vote YES on 30 and NO on 32!

Hello fellow educators! We have one final week to work on these two important propositions: 30 and 32. I know many SDEA members, including Breakfast Clubbers, have been working hard. We all have been phone banking, precinct walking, walking our school neighborhoods, talking to parents, and the list goes on. But, now it’s crunch time, … Continue reading

Fear and Repercussions

Have you had colleagues tell you that they support the SDEA Board recall but they’re “afraid of the repercussions” if they sign the recall petitions? Here are some points to help them find the courage to stand up for themselves! We have safety in numbers! We will not be submitting the recall petitions unless we … Continue reading

Recall Tools — Flyer and Union Meeting Agenda

As the most recent support poll about Prop. 30 shows support now dipping below 50% in favor, the work we’re doing to secure strong and honest leadership for our union is now more crucial than ever. The feedback we’re receiving from teachers working the recall all over the District has been amazing. We’re halfway through … Continue reading

Vote YES on Prop 30, NO on Prop 38

In a previous article, I encouraged everyone to vote yes on both Prop 30 and 38, the two school funding initiatives on the November ballot. I have since learned new information that has caused me to change my mind. Remember, if both Props 30 and 38 pass, the one with the most votes will go … Continue reading