Put the Pressure on at the “State of the District” Address

As employees of SDUSD, we all have been invited to attend the 2012 State of the District Address at UC High School on Oct. 2. School Board President John Lee Evans will be giving a speech to “highlight the District’s past accomplishments and address what lies ahead as the District moves through its strategic process.” We wonder if he’ll list bargaining a teacher contract that chops off up to a month of school as one of his “accomplishments.”

We know that as educators and union members we have many things to focus on: teaching our students, passing Prop 30, defeating Prop 32, recalling SDEA Board members who misled us – not to mention our own daily lives. But we must also hold our employers accountable for their actions, or we may face a repeat of history in a few short months. John Lee Evans needs to look out into the audience and see SDEA members proudly wearing our red union t-shirts and refusing to applaud for the damage he’s inflicted on our contract and our profession. And he needs to know that it won’t be so easy next time if his “strategic process” for 12-13 involves once more leveraging layoffs for concessions.

For more information and to RSVP, visit  www.sandi.net/soda.

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