Former Union President Camille Zombro Supports Recall, Commits Not to Run

Like so many of you, my career has been driven by my love for our profession, the work we do, and the importance of public education to our future. This year I proudly returned to the classroom amid an amazing community of educators and a wonderful group of students. Despite the positive experiences we have in our classrooms, the reality is that the past six months have demonstrated clearly that SDEA’s leadership have abandoned the principles of strength and democracy that so many of us worked so hard to build into our union over the past half a decade. As such I fully support the efforts of my fellow rank-and-file union members in moving our union back to that place. But one thing that’s not on my horizon is a run for President – or any other Officer or Board seat – of SDEA. While I continue to care deeply about our union, I simply do not have the resources to commit to the very difficult work of leadership at this time. My family and my baby boy are my top priorities now, followed by the students and the parents I work with each day. I will continue to support any and all efforts by rank-and-file members, including the Breakfast Club, to build a stronger union. But I plan to do so from the one position I value most in our union: member.

Camille Zombro

One thought on “Former Union President Camille Zombro Supports Recall, Commits Not to Run

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