Principals Still Haven’t Taken a Pay Cut

After reading the details of the AASD administrator union’s TA, many of us were even more frustrated with the poor quality of the NEW CONTRACT that the SDEA Concessions Bargaining Team negotiated for us.  But most of us felt at least a little better knowing that our principals and vice principals had agreed to also forgo their pay increases next year (although they, unlike our union, got five furlough days reinstated, with an associated pay increase)

Well, it’s now September and the TA that the AASD ratified hasn’t actually gone into affect. That means our principals and vice principals are still seeing the increase in their paychecks.  Why?  Because, for some odd reason, the SDUSD Board has yet to vote to adopt the TA.

If you scroll down to the bottom of the Board Actions Report for September 4, 2012, it says:


D.5. Adoption of the Tentative Agreement with Administrators Association San Diego City Schools (AASD) Certificated Bargaining Unit is postponed until the Sept. 11, 2012 Board of Education meeting.

When we ratified our TA, do you remember how quickly John Lee Evans and Bill Freeman held a press conference and the SDUSD Board adopted the TA immediately?  So why hasn’t the AASD TA been adopted yet?  What’s the hold up?  In the meantime, administrators have now collected two paychecks with their scheduled increases included.

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