Terry Pesta Helped Negotiate Retirement Incentive, Then Retired

Veteran teacher and former SDEA President Terry Pesta was appointed Chair of the Concessions Bargaining Team by SDEA President Bill Freeman.  After helping to negotiate deep concessions in exchange for position restorations and a retirement incentive package in June, it appeared that Pesta was willing to sacrifice alongside other veteran teachers and continue to work for two more years without an increase in pay.  (Remember, while teachers with fewer than 17 years in the classroom get a step increase each year, those with 17 years or more experience earned more in 2009 than they do now.)

Apparently, that will not be the case.  Shortly after the passage of the TA, Pesta announced he was retiring in a letter to his colleagues at Valencia Park. As a retiring teacher, Pesta will receive the $25,000 early retirement incentive that he helped to negotiate.

Pesta is interviewed here, along with fellow retiring SDEA member George Berriochoa who was adamantly opposed to the TA.

2 thoughts on “Terry Pesta Helped Negotiate Retirement Incentive, Then Retired

  1. Terry Pesta grabbed the money a ran. He will not have to live with this agreement and only those of us on the brink of retirement are paying the price. $25K is not enough incentive to retire before the 61.5 age and .24 salary multiplier kicks in. If you’ve reached this threshold you’d be like Mr. Pesta and have a $25K bonus. If however you are 59 the $25K will not come close to the amount lost by having the lower salary multiplier (for age 59 versus 61.5).

    In 2009, the last real retirement incentive, the district offered a year’s salary bonus, nearly three times our so called current incentive. Sadly Mr. Pesta and our bargaining team settled for what the district offered accepting one third of what they deemed a savings three years ago and didn’t see fit to bargain for the veteran teachers who are just shy of 61.5 years old. Shameful is how I would categorize this turn of events.

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