“Recalled” Teachers Being Asked to Sign Temporary Employment Agreements, Accept Day-to-Day Sub Pay without Benefits

Despite repeated assurances on the part of SDEA President Bill Freeman that all K-12 1372 teachers laid off last year are being recalled (as recently as this past Wednesday’s Rep. Council), the reports coming in from schools indicate that this may not be the case after all.

Several teachers who were recently “recalled” have been required to sign temporary “Kavanaugh” notices stating that they understand their positions are temporary, day-to-day sub positions. They have been told they will receive day-to-day sub pay and no benefits.

To be clear, these teachers are not being told that they will recalled with full pay and benefits by September 30, but will be subbing in the meantime until they receive their final placement (which is what we were told the TA said would happen). They are being told that they will receive sub pay and no benefits this year, period.

We hope that this is just a Human Resources mix-up. We hope that Bill Freeman was being forthright when he said all 1372 laid off K-12 teachers will be fully recalled. Many teachers voted YES on the TA because Bill Freeman and the SDEA Board promised us that all of our colleagues would come back with full pay and benefits. If that was not true, that’s not okay.

Please continue to share reports of what is happening at your school so we can make it public.  Tomorrow when you get to school, ask around and find out if this is happening on your campus.  We cannot let the District and the union sweep our fellow teachers under the rug. We all just took a 10% pay cut to bring these teachers back, and could take another 8% in the fall if Prop. 30 goes down. We should not be silent until every single laid off teacher is fully recalled back to the classroom where they belong.

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