Administrators Ratify Agreement, Get Furloughs Reinstated

The administrators union (AASD) has officially ratified their Tentative Agreement, and they got a better a deal than Bill Freeman and SDEA negotiated for us. The administrators bargained a reinstatement of the five furlough days they took for the past two years, as well as guaranteed recall of ALL of their laid off members.

Here is the deal they got compared to the deal SDEA got:

Contract Provision



Furlough Days Got five furlough days reinstated, with an accompanying raise (note: AASD had pre-existing furloughs that continue) Continuing five furlough days, giving up our 2.7% increase
Raises Deferred 7% raise Deferred 7% raise
Recalls ALL laid off members guaranteed recall; laid off members who lost wages will be “made whole” 120+ members still laid off (40 ECE, 82 K-12); laid off members who lost summer wages have no recourse
Outstanding Grievances Ongoing priority consideration grievance settled as part of TA, aggrieved members and the union both get a cash payout Our ongoing priority consideration grievances were not addressed at all; ongoing VEBA grievance settled by SDEA giving up the millions of dollars the District was supposed to divvy up and pay out across 8,000 members and letting the District keep it to extend layoff healthcare
Extending Healthcare for Laid Off Members District paid to extend benefits through September SDEA paid to extend benefits through September (see above)
Mid-year Cuts Up to 19 furlough days Up to 19 furlough days

Two more interesting facts: First, the District and administrators agreed to this settlement ONE DAY after we blogged about the fact that the administrators and classified had gotten their raises effective July 31. So yes, we will be continuing to keep an eye on the activities of our District. Second, only the certificated bargaining unit took any concessions. The classified administrators aren’t taking these concessions, probably because the people they supervise (the CSEA classified workers) didn’t agree to open their contract. That means they’re currently enjoying the first of their three 2012-2013 raises on top of getting their furlough days back. Good for them!

We hope Bill Freeman and the SDEA leadership take a page out of the AASD playbook in the future. We continue to believe that opening our contract in June was a catastrophic error that will weaken our union for years to come. We continue to believe that when schools open in September, we would have seen a wave of recalls just like last year, when we called the District’s layoff bluff. NONETHELESS, if we were going to bargain, we should have bargained like AASD. SDEA leadership should not have allowed us to be driven to a quick deal in a panic, but should have bargained carefully for the best possible deal. That’s what our union did in the pre-Bill Freeman era, and it’s what we need to return to unless we want the teaching profession to simply stop paying a living wage.

Read the AASD Tentative Agreement HERE.

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