Sunlight is the Best Disinfectant! AASD, SDUSD Reach Concessions Deal.

Two days ago our blog publicized the fact that of all the District’s employee unions, as of payday on July 31, only SDEA and the School Police had bargained concessions in exchange for layoff recalls. AASD, the administrators union, and CSEA, the classified union, had yet to make wage concessions. This information was based on several sources:

  • The SDUSD School Board minutes available HERE, which show the following:
    • According to the publicly accessible School Board minutes, the District’s revised budget was approved and sent to the County on July 24, a little over a week ago, reflecting the concessions recently made by SDEA. As of July 24, only the POA and SDEA unions had made concessions.
    • SDEA’s concessions agreement was ratified by the School Board on June 28, days after it was bargained. To this day, no concessions tentatively bargained by AASD have been ratified.
  • The District’s posted salary schedules HERE, which show the following:
    • The SDEA schedules are Early Childhood Education Programs, School Psychologist, Speech-Language Pathologist, Summer School/Intercession, Teachers, and Visiting Teachers. Those are all still the 2010 schedules, because we agreed to keep those schedules instead of get our new 2012 schedules.
    • The classified schedules for OTBS, OSS, Paraeducator Employees, as well as the schedule for Site Administrators, are all effective July 1, 2012 with the increases.

This morning, SDUSD Board President John Lee Evans sent out an email announcing that a concessions agreement has been reached with “certificated administrators” (and to whichever District staffer has been tasked with monitoring this blog… hi there, glad to have you!). Evans’ wording is interesting because as you can see on the AASD website HERE, AASD has multiple bargaining units within their union, and “certificated administrators” are only one of those bargaining units. Evans’ email also makes no mention of classified employees or any concessions made on their part, or even any negotiations with CSEA that are in process. It is unclear whether all or only some administrators are taking concessions. It’s also unclear exactly what they agreed to. Evans wrote that they are taking “virtually the same set of concessions that were agreed to by our teachers, counselors and nurses.” “Virtually the same” and “the same” are, well, not the same. We’ll have to see the TA to know more. It also appears quite evident that the classified unions are not taking concessions.

Evans’ email also seems to imply that the deal with AASD was reached some time ago (which would make our post wrong). However, in response to angry emails from SDEA members about this issue, SDEA President Bill Freeman has sent email responses stating that the AASD deal was reached on Wednesday, August 1, the day of our blog post. According to Freeman, any raise they received in July will be retracted in August. We didn’t get our facts wrong—apparently our post may have expedited the SDUSD-AASD bargaining process.

Our post was absolutely not intended to pressure AASD into taking a concessions deal, quite the contrary, but it appears that may have been the effect. Our goal was to shine sunlight on the fact that SDEA leadership rushed needlessly into a reckless concessions agreement before final information about the state budget was even available. If AASD was able to bargain an extension of their laid off members’ healthcare over the summer to give them time to bargain carefully, why couldn’t we? This would have given us time to bargain the right way from a position of strength, not weakness, and get a much better deal that we did.

We ARE glad that the District is now feeling the pressure of public accountability and responding accordingly. We absolutely intend to continue monitoring and reporting on our District’s activities so they continue to feel that pressure. We are also looking forward to seeing the AASD Tentative Agreement go up on the School Board’s online agenda for their meeting this coming Tuesday so we can all see exactly what deal AASD bargained, and who all is impacted. That’s assuming AASD has actually ratified it by Tuesday.

We are also glad to see that the classified unions are holding out. Our classified workers are underpaid and undervalued, and we’re glad to see that their union is strong enough to defend their fairly bargained salaries. And yes, according to the Board minutes, classified workers are in the process of being recalled too, even without concessions.

UPDATE: On Friday evening, the District updated their website with additional information regarding the administrators’ concessions HERE. According to the District website, “The certificated unit of the Administrators Association, which includes principals and vice principals, have negotiated a tentative agreement that includes restoring last year’s furloughs and deferring cost of living raises in the current contract that where planned for the 2012-13 school year [sic].” As indicated in our original post above, this agreement only applies to one of the multiple AASD units. The District’s update also suggests that these administrators will have their five furlough days restored next year. And one HUGE differences is that unlike SDEA, AASD secured a “no layoff” clause for next year. We’ll update again once the actual text of the TA is available.

2 thoughts on “Sunlight is the Best Disinfectant! AASD, SDUSD Reach Concessions Deal.

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  2. The article on the district’s website says, “…Administrators Association…have negotiated a tentative agreement that includes restoring last year’s furloughs and deferring cost of living raises…” I don’t think Breakfast Club got their info wrong. I may be mistaken – but I read that as they are being repaid that money for the furlough days we took last year. If this is true, employees who are some of the highest paid are getting their furlough days repaid but the district didn’t have the money to repay teachers for the furlough days we took. The reporter on the tv only said that they were “deferring raises” – no mention of them getting furlough days restored. I am so sick of the doublespeak. Why don’t they just tell the truth for a change?

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