Administrators, Classified Staff Got Their Bargained Raises Yesterday

Yesterday, most SDUSD employees received our first paycheck for the 2012-2013 school year. For SDEA members, that paycheck was supposed to have included a 2.7% increase for the restoration of five furlough days, plus another 2% pay increase.

That’s what the administrators (members of AASD) and the classified staff (members of CSEA) got on their paychecks yesterday. Unlike us, they didn’t fall for the District’s “Layoffs versus Concessions” trap. Yet according to the Human Resources report at the July 24 School Board meeting, the District is slowly recalling them nonetheless, just like SDEA members have always been recalled in previous years when we didn’t open our contract and take massive cuts. PLUS, all of the other unions’  laid off members got their healthcare extended through September 30 after all. Take a look at the AASD website. Administrators struck an eleventh hour deal on June 29 that extended their members healthcare through September. That was the deal SDEA President Bill Freeman told us we couldn’t get. Freeman also told SDEA members that no one else would be getting their raises either — take a look at the SDEA Facebook, where one member posts that she still has the voicemail where he told her so. Those things are just not true.

Here’s what is true: Unlike almost all of the other employee unions in the District, the paycheck that SDEA members received yesterday reflects a 4.7% decrease from what we had bargained. And remember, while the other unions will see yet another 2% increase in January 2013 and then another 3% increase in July 2013, we in SDEA are looking at another 14 furlough days being implemented in the middle of the year if the tax measure fails in November. Just imagine what our checks will look like December 2012 through June 2013 when the District takes out another 14 furlough days’ worth of pay from the remaining seven checks!

We don’t begrudge other unions from standing strong to protect their pay and benefits, particularly our District’s vastly underpaid and undervalued low-wage classified workers. We just wish our union had done the same.

UPDATE: On Friday, August 3 the District announced that they had reached a concessions agreement with AASD. According to emails from SDEA President Bill Freeman, that deal was reached the day we published this blog post. Read the updated information HERE.

6 thoughts on “Administrators, Classified Staff Got Their Bargained Raises Yesterday

  1. I’m sorry, but I think this is shameful! The District is still professing to be in a financial crisis.They justed voted to put a Bond issue on the ballot. How can they give ANYONE a raise when they still have employees who are laid off? Particularly giving administrators a raise!!?? Seen the admin salary schedule lately?? They earn 2-3 times what some teachers do. This is irresponsible. I have worked for the district since 1985, but I have only been teaching for 10 yrs. I received a pink slip for the first time. I voted NO on the TA, because I think the District is inherently dishonest. I wanted to see them just TRY to open school in Sept. with 1600 fewer teachers. Where are our SDEA leaders now?? Why are they not speaking out?? Why am I paying union dues – I could be saving that money for myself -apparently I am going to need it. Teachers can expect more time-consumers on our workload like EXCEED/RTI, SBRC, sitting on more useless committees, all the hoopla about Common Core Standards/Seminar Inquiry, more pressure to get students to perform on new performance-based CSTs AND earning less money to do it. I dread to see what my paycheck will look like after the Tax Iniatiative doesn’t pass in November!
    I don’t know about anyone else, but I will be working to the contract and NOT spending any money on my classroom from this point on.

    • I totally agree with what you are saying. Teachers are the ones that made all the sacrifices. I would like to ask Freeman and the board if they think they made a mistake in bargaining the TA given what we know now. Unfortunately I don’t feel that I would get a straight or honest answer. The silence from SDEA on the news about the administrator’s and classified unions speaks for itself.

      Like you, this pay cut has forced me to reevaluate some things. I certainly will not be spending any additional money on my classroom. It would be awesome if a large majority of teachers could agree to stop spending their own money on their classroom and work to the contract. What a statement that would make!
      I feel that by continuing to do things such as spending our own money and doing extra work such as RTI for free we are cheapening our profession.

  2. Do you ever feel you are talking to the wall? This feels like the biggest con in history. Ditto to the contract. I hope there are no committees forming, or extra work expected, because I for one will not be volunteering this time around. I feel that the administrators were silent about their position, hoping that we, sacrificial teachers would help them get their staff back with more sacrifice. Notice they weren’t willing to do their share? Do you ever hear students rallying to support their administrators? NO. Do they ever tell you which administrators changed their life? Another NO. I bet if that TA were up for a vote today, the results would be quite different in light of this news.

  3. SDEA and Freeman are the worst. They just rolled over and played dead with no concern for the members. AND Terry Pesta took the retirement buyout and left right after he pushed that rotten TA on us, despicable.

  4. this in response to the question” how did you know he retired”

    ha ha we both work at Valencia Park. Right after the vote” he disappeared for at least a week and 1/2 for the Union Conference in D.C. Never showed his face. Then we all got his “retirement” letter in our mailboxes. I’ve always liked him because are both Detroit fans but this felt like a total slap in the face. YES, he took the buyout and is retiring at a better salary than I will. Totally not cool 😦

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