Posted in August 2012

SDEA Board Meeting August 28, 2012

I attended the August 27th SDEA Board meeting yesterday with fellow teacher Emily Neidhart and here is what we saw: The Headlines (Full Details Below) For the first time in SDEA’s history, the SDEA President has appointed a “Parliamentarian” to prevent members from “yelling out” at meetings and “keep order.” The SDEA Board voted to … Continue reading

Too Much Information?

A somewhat perplexing conversation occurred at yesterday’s August 17 SDEA Board meeting regarding the approval of the August 10 SDEA Board Retreat minutes. This year, once minutes are approved, they will be placed on the SDEA website. The August 10 Board Retreat minutes were the first minutes typed by newly elected SDEA Secretary Michelle Sanchez, … Continue reading

District to Unexpectedly Save Nearly $1 Million on Healthcare

The District is set to receive a nearly $1 million unexpected windfall as a result of Obamacare. The new legislation apparently requires that healthcare companies spend 85% of healthcare premiums on actual healthcare. One of the healthcare companies our District contracts with, American Specialty Health (that’s the chiropractic plan for non-Kaiser employees), missed that threshold. … Continue reading