SDUSD Makes No Progress Toward “Total Recall,” Still Plays Fast and Loose with Their Budget

At the SDUSD Board meeting on Tuesday, July 10, we hoped we would see real movement on recalling the hundreds of educators who are still recalled. Specifically, we hoped the following would happen:

  • The School Board would work on a plan to bring back the 40 Early Childhood Educators who will not be recalled as part of the Tentative Agreement.
  • The School Board would work on a plan to recall the 83 laid off educators who won’t be recalled after all based on a loophole in the Tentative Agreement we negotiated.
  • The School Board would expedite the recall of the teachers who are supposed to be recalled by September 30, instead of making them wait until after school has begun and they’ve lost out on the opportunity to receive their summer paychecks.

Unfortunately, none of those things happened. Here’s what the School Board did instead:

  • They approved three items related to Early Childhood Education funding and staffing, but in no way acknowledged the existence of the 40 teachers who are permanently laid off.
  • They decided not to close any schools after all. We think that avoiding school closures if possible is great. But just a few weeks ago, the District claimed that they desperately needed the $4 million they would save from the closures, even if we all took 10% pay cut. Now that we’ve taken that cut, they suddenly don’t need those savings any more.
  • They didn’t approve $1 million in planned professional development expenditures. Changed their minds. The School Board just blinked and saved $1 million. How many other places are their billion-plus dollar budget where they could blink and save $1 million? How much of that money could have brought back laid off educators without forcing massive concessions on all of us? Yet again, it seems that CTA didn’t scrub the District’s budget very hard.

Unfortunately, the SDEA Board didn’t make much better progress on a plan to get back all of the laid off educators when they met the very next night (read an account of that meeting HERE). We’re still waiting to see some real outrage on the part of SDEA leadership about the fact that apparently the Tentative Agreement isn’t bringing back all of the laid off K-12 educators after all. In the meantime, the rest of us need to keep expressing ours. We will continue to publish the dates of upcoming SDUSD and SDEA Board meetings so that we can make sure all of our elected leaders — District and union — are held accountable.

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