TA Voting Ends, Thank You to Volunteers

We would like to thank the dozens of volunteers who took time out of their busy schedules to come down to SDEA to converse with their colleagues about the problematic aspects of the TA.  We had many great conversations with folks who were for, against, or undecided on ratifying the TA.  Most were thankful that we were down there to offer a different perspective, and we were thankful that we had the opportunity to meet so many thoughtful colleagues from schools around the district.  The overwhelming outpouring of support for the BC volunteers left everyone feeling empowered, energized, and ready for action.

No matter how the vote count goes tomorrow, we should all be celebrating tonight.  The dramatic increase of engagement by members was evident by the constant flow of people pulling into SDEA to vote bright and early at 7:00 am on Sunday morning, all the way up to almost the last minute at 7:30 pm on Tuesday evening.  (Watching that last car zip into the parking lot at 7:25 pm was inspiring.)  It was clear some members had never been to the SDEA office before, while others knew the facility like a second home.  Obviously, the SDEA sleeping giant has awakened from its slumber and is alert and ready for action.

Over the past three days, so many educators expressed a desire to continue their involvement in organizing actions after the ratification vote is over.  We repeatedly heard members express their disappointment with the lack of communication and member input preceding the concessions bargaining, and heard them express their desire to address this issue after the votes have been counted.  Even members that voted yes wanted to work with us after the ratification vote to ensure that our membership is never put in this position again.  We will definitely be having a conversation about this issue in the future.

Tomorrow, Wednesday June 27, the SDEA Election Committee will begin counting the ballots at 8:00am at SDEA. Anyone can come to watch the ballot count, but seating will be limited so get there early if you would like to observe.  If you do attend, please make sure you maintain a respectful demeanor towards everyone, especially people with whom you disagree.  Many of us will be working together for decades to come and we can not let a difference of opinion alienate us from one another.  Even we, the founders of the Breakfast Club, have close colleagues/friends that voted in favor of ratification.  And just like in our personal lives, we can be friends and get along with people with whom we disagree.

Congratulations on all the hard work that went into the great voter turnout!  We can’t wait to collaborate with you on the next action we undertake.  Keep checking your email for updates and Invite your friends to sign up. We look forward to our continued conversations with you via email and at BC events/actions.

–The Breakfast Club Action Group

2 thoughts on “TA Voting Ends, Thank You to Volunteers

  1. Thanks to everyone who volunteered their time to supervise the ballot counting.
    This was a sad day for our profession. I do not believe a majority of teachers understood the consequences of the tentative agreement. Do you really think voters will approve a tax increase? Due to this vote, many of us will need to find a second job. See you next year with our health care on the table.

    Good luck to everyone, but we just sunk our own ship.

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