Member Blog Post: Before you vote, Look for the TRUTH!

As educators, we have earned college degrees, we are INTELLIGENT and REASONABLE people.  Do not be misled like sheep because you “trust” what others are telling you about the district’s finances.  When I chose to do some research by “googling” CA budget deal , I found some contradictions to the district’s and SDEA’s “doom and gloom” future financial forecast.  In articles posted from major publications (NY Times, LA Times, Bloomberg’s, San Jose Mercury-News, etc…), the budget deal recently struck between our Governor and the Democratic Legislature preserves (or even increases) K-12 funding for next year.  The news release from the Governor’s office states “the conceptual agreement protects education” when describing the 2012-2013 budget (go to:  In the Governor’s budget summary for K-12 education (, total per-pupil spending increases from $10,610 in 2011-2012 to $11,246 in 2012-2013.  Please do the research for yourself!  Get educated on the facts (what few we can find) and consider the source – these are the folks who fund our schools. Why does SDUSD say they have less next year?

It is true these figures bank on the November initiative to raise taxes.  Even if that doesn’t pass, IN THE GOVERNOR’S ANALYSIS, additional furlough days will be necessary to cover the loss in revenue.  NOT laying off teachers, NOT conceding our benefits – ONLY furlough days.  That’s the way the Governor sees it.  WHY must we concede NOW?  Why not wait and see what Sacramento does AFTER the November ballot?  Right now, the district’s funding from the State is the SAME or MORE.  SDUSD will have the funding from the State to employ ALL THE TEACHERS it employed during the 2011-2012 school year.  This means NO LAYOFFS – but only IF the district is held ACCOUNTABLE for its inhumane actions and FORCED to bring back the 1,500.  This requires a SHIFT in public opinion.  Many have accepted as fact that the district is facing a financial hole which can only be solved on the backs of teachers.  This fallacy has successfully been presented by the district, forwarded by the local press, advocated by local political groups, and totally bought into by our own SDEA Board.  Our own SDEA is being used to propagate the district’s position (why the recent onslaught of “VOTE YES” SDEA e-mails on

The district DID NOT NEED to lay off 500 teachers by their own admission, and SDEA KNOWS this.  At least 300 more teachers should be recalled due to retirements and terminated short-term contracts, and SDEA KNOWS this.  That leaves 700 laid off teachers from the original 1,500, yet SDEA in their latest e-mail states 1,000 teachers will remain laid off if the  district’s TA does not pass.  WHO IS LYING??  More importantly, WHY do they need to lie?

So WHY is the district crying “DEFICIT! HUGE DEFICIT!” when Sacramento is doing all it can to PROTECT K-12 funding?

Simple, they are trying to sway public opinion before a new contract must be negotiated.  The district has changed Superintendents and Boards many times during my 33 years of teaching, and many contracts have been negotiated during that time.  One thing has remained constant – the district ALWAYS cries poverty before negotiations to limit what they will concede to teachers.  This year their propaganda has been particularly effective, partially due to economic realities, but mostly due to creating fear and anxiety by laying off 1,500 teachers they DID NOT HAVE TO LAY OFF.


You don’t stop a bully by giving in to their bullying.  Teachers know this. The 1,500 hostages need to be rescued from the district’s cruel tactics to break the teacher’s union.  STAND UP for our current contract. It is based on guaranteed legal rights the district cannot manipulate.  STAND UP for our 1,500 colleagues that are hurting – NOT by the actions of SDEA as many have been led to believe, but by DISTRICT BULLIES that defy human reasoning in disrupting teacher’s lives for their own purposes. The district will continue to cry POVERTY! when it comes to contract negotiations, always have, always will…  Only next time (next year) it will be MORE THAN 1,500 laid off AND cuts in health benefits.  Just wait and see – guaranteed.


We definitely CAN negotiate a BETTER deal for everyone – and BY everyone, not just one special interest group.

Was this deal even “negotiated” in one short week?  Seems the district already had it typed up ahead of time.

Does that anger you, SDEA Board? It should!!  You have already slapped me in the face with your “insignificant” $25,000 offer to retire early.  Sure is the way to buy 300 more yes votes!  Oh, make that 299, I’m voting NO!


One thought on “Member Blog Post: Before you vote, Look for the TRUTH!

  1. SDEA is also pitting the young teachers against veterans. Watching the news tonight all channels showed veterans saying NO and newbies YES. Newbies have a false sense of security that SDEA ‘saved” their jobs and this of course may well be hot air.
    We need well-spoken representatives voting NO to talk to the media and we need the media out there again tomorrow to allow the public to hear our side!

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