Guest Blog Post: Hold the Line, and just vote NO!

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

Last night, the District disclosed that the budget deficit for the 2013-1014 had increased to $80 million dollars.  Consequently, the District has already confirmed the need for more layoffs next year.

The contractual language in the TA front loads furlough days from five to as many as nineteen for 2012-2013, so what does our INCOMPETENT SDEA negotiating team have left to offer the District to offset these layoffs?  Step and column salary increases?  That is a given that will be sacrificed to the District. Health benefits?  Without a doubt, that is the main concession the District needs to reduce the budget deficit for 2013-2014.

My teacher friends in other districts tell me to expect to pay several hundred dollars for each family member enrolled in the District health plan. If you do not want your health benefits presented as a negotiating chip, we need to vote as a unified block: HOLD THAT LINE and just vote NO!

In summary, if the TA is voted in and the Governor’s Initiative fails to pass, we forgo our pay raise and lose 10% of our salary (one month salary). The following year, with the furlough days contractually imbedded in the TA, the step and column increases along with our health benefits, will be offered as the proverbial sacrifices to the District to offset the projected $80 million dollar deficit.

Ya basta! Tama na! Enough already!

HOLD THAT LINE and just vote NO!


Frank Lucero

Math teacher/consultant

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