What Will Happen if the Majority of SDEA Members Vote “NO” and the TA is Not Ratified?

If the ratification is voted down, three possible scenarios could occur:

  1. Both teams could go back to the bargaining table and negotiate a better deal that members would ratify. In the meantime, SDEA and the District could also go back to bargaining the “impacts and effects” of the layoffs and secure healthcare for members who remain laid off. The classified workers already have this in their contract. And under the current TA, the District is not paying to extend those benefits — we are, using $2.8 million offered to us by the District to settle a grievance over the money they owe us due to savings from VEBA’s changes to our healthcare in 2010. The District has always paid to extend those benefits in the past, and absolutely can and should do so this year.
  2. The District could refuse to bargain and we could go into the next school year with layoffs and a closed contract—but in this scenario, the District can still recall at least 1,000 layoffs with or without funding from the Governor’s initiative. The rest of the laid off members can be recalled into temporary contracts and then converted mid-year, which is exactly what happened in 2008.
  3. The District could move to impasse and impose their “last, best and final offer.” SDEA’s pre-bargaining agreement, which Bill Freeman said would protect us from this scenario, actually does quite the opposite—in fact, it doesn’t even mention the word “impasse.” However, even in this scenario the District could not impose a settlement that is worse than what they just negotiated under this TA.

What about the layoffs?

We recognize that many members may want to vote “yes” because they want to recall laid-off educators and restore their healthcare.  The problem with this is twofold:

The District absolutely has the money to recall the layoffs. At the June SDEA Rep. Council, CTA Manager/SDEA Interim Executive Director Tom Madden gave the following report based on the CTA budget scrub:

  • The District’s projected deficit has shrunk to $118 million.
  • Of that $118 million, $41 million will happen only if there are mid-year cuts, leaving a $77 million known problem for next year.
  • The District has $71 million in one-time funds that could be used to recall layoffs and pay our salaries next year.
  • Why didn’t SDEA share those numbers with the membership?

Also, the TA has absolutely no layoff protections for next year. 

  • By voting yes, we will teach the district that they only need to continue to lay off educators to force us to open our contract and give back our pay. 
  • Only next time, we’ll only have our benefits left to “bargain” with and we won’t be able to strike because the contract will closed through June 2014.


Vote no. Let’s ALL stand together and fight in strength, not fear!

-NO Waffling, NO concessions, NO layoffs, Strong SDEA!-

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