2 thoughts on “Laid-off Teacher Defends Breakfast Club’s Three-Step Plan to No Layoffs, No Concessions

  1. Unfortunately some footage of me and my classroom snuck in this piece. I just want to make it clear that I do NOT support Michelle Sanchez and the Breakfast Club. I stand firm that concessions need to be made and that it is unreasonable to expect a raise in a time like this. I teach for the kids and because I love it, and I am happy to make the sacrifices needed to preserve a quality education for my students.

  2. What Michelle did not explain is that the union “scrubbed” the budget and did not find money to fund the return of all 1500 laid off teachers. Classroom sizes have been increased in the grades (k-3) where students need the most individualized attention in reading/math. The result of which will be felt in upper grades when students enter those grades unprepared for their expectations.  This also means the district has eliminated the need for many teachers. Yet they (Michelle/Breakfast Club) still claim the district will hire everyone back.  The scariest part is that whole school staffs will be replaced with people who prefer to be elsewhere. If this standoff lasts as long as it would with the breakfast club plan, school atmospheres will be pulverized. This is not what is best for our students…in any way, shape, or form. At the same time, the district is playing an unnecessarily nasty game, putting the education of our students and the welfare of teachers’ families at risk. The district is being unrelenting, possibly forcing many teachers to go without benefits or paychecks, even though they admit to laying off more people than they needed to and that the union has agreed to negotiations of a contract the districts agreed to and signed.

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