Guest member post: Invitation to action

From third grade teacher Michele Janette:

Teachers of the District Unite!

You have nothing to lose but the bondage of unsound union busting practices of the District!

If we reopen the contract –all bets are off.  Everything we worked so hard for is back on the table.  We would be giving up a lot.  And the question is:  What are we going to get in return?  A no layoffs agreement?  You can be sure that the district would see to it that there was language that would allow them to not be held to that.

So, essentially, you’re giving up a lot (EVERYTHING) and not getting anything in return.

Do not wait until this happens.  We, in the trenches, are the most logical place for a groundswell of protest against this. We must speak out now before this is entrenched.

The time to act is now.  Ethically, I cannot continue to be a part of this charade of a survey.  Let our answer to the survey be our presence at the union offices.

The union leaders are under pressure to cave in to the demands of the District.  Let us be a counter force to help them be strong in holding the line.  Tell them for the sake of ALL of our members young and old:  DO NOT OPEN OUR CONTRACT.

Join us at SDEA offices Thursday, right after school June 7, 2012!

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