Yet ANOTHER Emergency SDEA Board Meeting Tonight Prepares for Concessions, Removes Camille Zombro from Charter Organizing Position

On the heels of an emergency SDEA Board meeting he called just this past Friday, SDEA President Bill Freeman called yet another emergency Board meeting tonight. At tonight’s meeting, the Board explicitly voted to prepare for concessions in exchange for layoffs, and is planning to appoint a bargaining team after Rep. Council tomorrow evening (while the majority of the discussions were in Executive Session, the motion itself was made and voted upon in open session).

SDEA Board members received just a few hours notice that the meeting would take place, and many Board members received notice too late to attend. However, nearly twenty teachers, mostly from Fay Elementary and Marshall Middle School — two schools where groups of teachers have independently reached out to the media in support of contract concessions — knew about the meeting and spoke in favor of SDEA’s pre-concessions survey during the public comment section.

The agenda consisted of two major items: removing SDEA Vice President Camille Zombro from her charter school organizing position, and getting ready to bargain concessions in exchange for layoffs.

On the first issue, Camille was actually first informed by the District’s Human Resources Department this morning that she would be reporting to SDUSD effective tomorrow. Later this morning she was informed by Bill Freeman she was being removed from her position, and only AFTER that, at their 4:30 meeting, did the SDEA Board actually vote to remove her from the position (this is some reverse chronology to say the least).

On the second issue regarding bargaining concessions, a report will be made on the outcome of the SDEA Board vote at tomorrow’s (Wednesday’s) Rep. Council.

We encourage anyone interested in the decision-making process of our union to attend the Wednesday, June 6 Rep. Council, the last one of the year. The Rep. Council has an Association Representative from every school in the District, and is the democratic decision-making body of our union. The Breakfast Club will be presenting the Rep. Council with our petition in support of our Five-Point Pledge to save jobs and our contract. We have more than 600 signatures gathered in just a week, and we’re still going. We hope to see you there!

  • When: 4:15 on Wednesday, June 6
  • Where: SDEA — 10393 San Diego Mission Road, Suite 100

7 thoughts on “Yet ANOTHER Emergency SDEA Board Meeting Tonight Prepares for Concessions, Removes Camille Zombro from Charter Organizing Position

  1. To say that I am outraged would be an understatement. I had no idea that there was a board meeting last night. If I did, I know several members who would have liked to attend. This is after Bill Freeman has been asked twice give SDEA members 24 hour notice before these meeetings. The fact that there were only members there from two of the schools that support the board’s agenda smacks of deceipt and dishonesty. I also wonder if perhaps the board members who support the leadership’s agenda were perhaps informed about the meeting sooner than those who do not fully support his agenda. Talk about stacking the deck! Freeman keeps telling us that everyone’s voice needs to be heard. Well, clearly he is very selective about the voices he wants to hear.
    The fact that Tom Madden stated that this survey pertained to next year’s new contract as well is frightening. How can he be so misinformed? Unless of course the survey is intended for other purposes than those presented.
    To me, this survey is merely a tool aimed at trying to pacify the members so that the leadership can say that the deicision to concede was reached “democratically.” So many SDEA board procedures have been violated that the way business is being conducted by SDEA is a far cry from democracy.
    The way Camille is being treated is absolutely outrageous. Board members voted on her dismissal after the fact? Unbelievable! For those who have turned against Camille, I have a couple of reminders for you. She did an incredible job during her time at SDEA. She made our contract stronger than those of nearly every other school district. She was the one who ensured that the memoranda about workload were attached to our contract. If it were not for her approach and expertise we would have taken a far larger pay cut two years ago. So next time, you want to bash Camille, or hear someone doing so, please keep these things in mind.

    –Megan Sussman

  2. Concessions don’t save jobs. Like giving blood to sharks, employers only want more. There is no money? There was $12.9 trillion for the banks, and a trillion plus per year for the empires wars. So, what settles this is connecting reason to power. Teachers, school workers, have plenty of power via ideas and direct action on the job, and in the communities, exposing why things are as they are (class and empire’s wars) and what to do. What SDEA tops are doing parallels what many other school locals have done recently; isolate or expel rebels and soften up the rank and file for more retreats, organizing decay (the most egregious example, the Detroit Fed of Teachers). NEA tops have a lot of problems this year: (1) how to get the rank and file to back Obama again, even his RTT Bush-on-steroids education scheme, his endless wars, and his relentless attacks on other working people. (2) How to deal with local issues and prevent job actions in order to keep the electorate calm. (3) How to convince the rank and file that we can vote the rich out of their money, via “democracy.” Wisconsin exposes that as nonsense. Unions were never formed by public votes, but by strikes (the Great Flint Strike) and mass class conscious action, or, in the case of the AFL, employer cooperation. So, what next SDEA members? Become instruments of your own oppression, or Fight Back?

  3. Luigi, come back to reality please! Rich is right.The money is there. Always has been. It’s the prioities and values that are lacking. Nationally the government has invested in two oil wars to which continue to allow our cities to rot. Domestically workers have been depicted as criminals for wanting a decent living wage, health care that is affordable, and a retirement which doesn’t require workers to gamble in the casino stock market (which screwed us all like porn stars, and would love us all to have to trade pensions for 401Ks). The wealthy have the money, but the workers need to remind them that we have the numbers and that our labor, not scarcity, provides all value in the world! I think we all know your values now. Better to be aligned with a comrade than your fascist Italian uncle Benito Mussolini.

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