Posted in June 2012

We Have Legitimate Questions, and We Have HOPE!

SDEA’s declaration that the TA has passed brings one real piece of good news: 1,480 educators will be recalled sooner than later. While we truly believe that these recalls would have occurred without the deep contract concessions we are now taking, a fundamental and founding platform of the Breakfast Club has always been NO layoffs. … Continue reading

Member Blog Post: Reflections on the Voting Process

After weeks of angst, the results are in.  Bill Freeman announced at about 3:15 this afternoon that the Tentative Agreement passed.  An incredible 4,501 SDEA members turned out to vote.  The TA passed with 67% of members voting for it, and 33% of the members voting against it.  Honestly, based on our experiences at the … Continue reading

TA Voting Ends, Thank You to Volunteers

We would like to thank the dozens of volunteers who took time out of their busy schedules to come down to SDEA to converse with their colleagues about the problematic aspects of the TA.  We had many great conversations with folks who were for, against, or undecided on ratifying the TA.  Most were thankful that … Continue reading

Two Days Down, One to Go!

What a great day! We met so many new people and had so many good conversations about the issues facing our district and our state.  A couple of teachers told us that they cut their vacations short and returned home so that they could vote no.  Another teacher still recovering from surgery made her way … Continue reading

Member Blog Post: Before you vote, Look for the TRUTH!

As educators, we have earned college degrees, we are INTELLIGENT and REASONABLE people.  Do not be misled like sheep because you “trust” what others are telling you about the district’s finances.  When I chose to do some research by “googling” CA budget deal , I found some contradictions to the district’s and SDEA’s “doom and gloom” future … Continue reading

Guest Blog Post: Hold the Line, and just vote NO!

Dear Colleagues and Friends, Last night, the District disclosed that the budget deficit for the 2013-1014 had increased to $80 million dollars.  Consequently, the District has already confirmed the need for more layoffs next year. The contractual language in the TA front loads furlough days from five to as many as nineteen for 2012-2013, so what … Continue reading

100 Reasons to Just Say No!

Freeman and His Concessions Board turn 7% Raise into 17% Pay Cut With the School Board’s Friday night announcement that their 2013-14 deficit has suddenly jumped up to $80 million WITH these concessions, and WITH a November tax initiative passing, it’s more obvious than ever: Approving this TA sets us up for same exact thing … Continue reading

Guest Blog Post: A Veteran Lays out the Facts

Keith Wohlfarth (16 years, teacher at Franklin, 22 years with SDUSD, 35  totalteaching years) says, “Here’s why you should vote NO on SDEA’s TentativeAgreement:” FACT: SDEA has lied to us, its members, from the beginning of “negotiations”. Not only did SDEA open our contract (which it promised it wouldn’t do), but a new and “improved” … Continue reading