Scott Barnett wants the district to declare insolvency

Check out this article from KPBS yesterday.

“Let’s rescind the layoffs for next year, have a full compliment of teachers in our classrooms and nurses and counselors,” he said. “When we go insolvent we’ll at least have our classrooms fully staffed and we don’t have to sell our land in a fire sale.”

Trustee John Lee Evans disagreed with Barnett stating ” the
insolvency proposal will only cause panic for families and

In fact, Evans’ response is very revealing. In an interview with the Voice of San Diego Evans admits that the negotiated salary restorations for teachers will cost the District $21 million next year. Meanwhile, Evans and company are demanding $50 million in concessions, but have laid off $124 million worth of teachers (layoffs they’ve offered to undo if they get $50 million in concessions). It’s time for the District to stop fear-mongering and blaming their problems on teacher “raises” and look at the many other budget solutions available to them—solutions that don’t balance the budget on the backs of students and teachers.

3 thoughts on “Scott Barnett wants the district to declare insolvency

  1. Scott’s position is just a ploy to get the Union officials to declare concessions. When I asked Bill why he didn’t support insolvency at the Scripps Ranch cluster meeting, he went to explain that the union would never let the district “go off the cliff:” There was even a nice visual in the power point. You all remember it.It will take time for the state to come in and exam the books. In the meantime, the Board and Super would be fired and what’s wrong with that?

  2. It all is a ploy to get us to open up our contracts and they really hurt us next year when we go to bargaining. How did the teachers at Scripps react to the meeting?

    • The meeting was at Marshall Middle School and the teachers teach at the school or in the cluster. Many of the young teachers agreed that the Union should NOT let the district go into insolvency and that the Union should OPEN up the contract. FEAR runneth over in our district.

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