San Diego Unified School District Had $95 MILLION in Reserve

Did you see this article in the UT on Sunday, April 28th, 2012?

The UT Watchdog reported the amounts of money that different local government agencies and school districts have squirreled away over the past few years.

I’m glad I still have my actual newspaper because the chart that accompanied the original article that shows how much each agency or district has in their general fund reserve, is not posted with the article online.  And at no time in the article is SDUSD’s $95,213,111 reserve fund mentioned or discussed.  There has been no conversation about how this fund could be used to help offset the latest round of cuts that is set to decimate our schools next year:

San Diego Unified is pleading poverty and has convinced our School Board members to cut teachers, nurses, counselors, libraries, and other staff that our schools desperately need to function.  Please contact Scott Barnett, Richard Barrera, Kevin Beiser, John Lee Evans, and Shelia Jackson and tell them to change their vote.

Tell the Superintendent to budget for adequately staffed schools first!

One thought on “San Diego Unified School District Had $95 MILLION in Reserve

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