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Subject: Priorities vs. Rhetoric

It’s all about priorities.

Please think back to when you were a teacher and ask yourself if you would ever vote for the cuts to schools that you are now supporting: No library, no nurse, 30 kindergarteners to a class, less supervision, less support staff, no counselors, low wages and a reduction of benefits.  Do you really want this to be your lasting legacy to the students of San Diego?  When you were a teacher, I’m sure you would have put the needs of the children in your classroom above anything else that the Superintendent tried to tell you was important.  I’m sure that you could have figured out a better solution then.  Please tell the Superintendent to figure out a better solution now.

The budget is a list of the school district’s priorities.  If the priorities are safe and appropriately staffed schools, then the budget should reflect that.  It’s easy to talk the talk.  The budget is your opportunity to walk the walk.  Change your vote and tell the Superintendent to come back with a budget that isn’t balanced on the backs of educators and school employees.

It’s not a choice between layoffs and concessions; it’s a choice between priorities and rhetoric.

Change your vote!


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