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Subject: Priorities vs. Rhetoric

It’s all about priorities.

Properly funding our classrooms is the fiscally responsible thing to do.  When you cut school site positions and pay, you send a message to everyone that San Diego is the last place you should work or send your children to school.  This affects the job applicant pool and home sales.  If you are truly interested in creating quality schools in all communities, then require the Superintendent to staff our schools at quality levels.

The budget is a list of the school district’s priorities.  If the priorities are safe and appropriately staffed schools, then the budget should reflect that.  It’s easy to talk the talk.  The budget is your opportunity to walk the walk.  Change your vote and tell the Superintendent to come back with a budget that isn’t balanced on the backs of educators and school employees.

It’s not a choice between layoffs and concessions; it’s a choice between priorities and rhetoric.

Change your vote!


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