Email Richard Barrera

Subject: Priorities vs. Rhetoric

It’s all about priorities.

This is your chance to showcase the Main Street Contract and promote Goal #1: Jobs at living wages.  You have built your career upon advocating that hospital administrators should and can compensate their employees appropriately when they make it a priority.  Our schools are no different.  Please do not let Bill Kowba “take advantage of the economic crisis to roll back achievements in [school] staffing, pay, and benefits.”  The money is there and it needs to be spent on what the district is actually tasked with doing: providing quality schools.

The budget is a list of the school district’s priorities.  If the priorities are safe and appropriately staffed schools, then the budget should reflect that.  It’s easy to talk the talk.  The budget is your opportunity to walk the walk.  Change your vote and tell the Superintendent to come back with a budget that isn’t balanced on the backs of educators and school employees.

It’s not a choice between layoffs and concessions; it’s a choice between priorities and rhetoric.

Change your vote!


Or call Richard (619) 937-8619

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